Sunday, February 28, 2016

March Challenge

February is done and gone. Did I do my best? No, but I think I was pretty damn consistent. I completed a SP 30 day Workout Challenge. I had many days where I had to make up some missed days. I didn't like the challenge that much as I posted in my February wrap up post, but it is done.

Now for a new 30 Day Challenge!! I will begin this on Feb 29th since it is Leap Year. I have found that I do not do well when a challenge begins on any other day than a Monday. Monday's are my jumping off point and I need that consistency.

I found a really good YouTube channel. It is Jenny Ford. I came across her when I was looking for step aerobic videos. She has a 2016 30 Day Challenge and I have chosen to do hers for the month of March. What I like about this one is that most of the workouts are different each day or it is not added back in until a couple weeks down the road. Doing the same workouts in the same order week after week was killing me last month. Plus there was no progression in the workouts. This one looks like it steadily becomes longer and harder. So I cannot miss any days on this one. There is no way I could make up or double up these workouts. I am looking forward to this challenge!!

I am so prepared that I have already set up the videos in my daily watch YouTube list with notes on which week to do them!!

Jenny Ford

Equipment Needed: step bench, dumbbells, mat, stability ball, chair

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