Monday, February 1, 2016

February Challenge!

Well the first month of 2016 is done and gone! I did not lose any weight, but I also did not gain. I did workout more than I had in the past 3 months so that was good.

I need to push myself harder to get past this plateau. My 30 day workout challenge on SP is going okay. I had to make up 4 days in one day so I was very sore yesterday. Then yesterday was 5 hours of skiing. I only logged 3 hours because we took time and had lunch and then all the lift riding!! But we didn't rest on the slopes hardly at all!! We were grooving and I can feel it badly today!!

The biggest thing I need to do is stop drinking alcohol. My plan is to cut out the drinking beginning this Friday....with Michael being in town I will be drinking a few beers with him. I plan on putting any alcohol (vodka, moonshine, and beer) I have left over after these 4 days upstairs in the garage. If it is not in my house and easy to get to I won't be tempted. I don't think that I am an alcoholic, but this will test me and I will know after this if I really am.

I don't think the Leptigen is working, so I will be calling and returning it on Saturday. I will give it 5 more days to see if it begins working.

My plan for February is to:

1. No drinking of alcohol beginning Feb 5th
2. Completing the 30 day workout challenge on SP
3. Really planning my meals and keeping my calories at 1500

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