Sunday, February 28, 2016

March Challenge

February is done and gone. Did I do my best? No, but I think I was pretty damn consistent. I completed a SP 30 day Workout Challenge. I had many days where I had to make up some missed days. I didn't like the challenge that much as I posted in my February wrap up post, but it is done.

Now for a new 30 Day Challenge!! I will begin this on Feb 29th since it is Leap Year. I have found that I do not do well when a challenge begins on any other day than a Monday. Monday's are my jumping off point and I need that consistency.

I found a really good YouTube channel. It is Jenny Ford. I came across her when I was looking for step aerobic videos. She has a 2016 30 Day Challenge and I have chosen to do hers for the month of March. What I like about this one is that most of the workouts are different each day or it is not added back in until a couple weeks down the road. Doing the same workouts in the same order week after week was killing me last month. Plus there was no progression in the workouts. This one looks like it steadily becomes longer and harder. So I cannot miss any days on this one. There is no way I could make up or double up these workouts. I am looking forward to this challenge!!

I am so prepared that I have already set up the videos in my daily watch YouTube list with notes on which week to do them!!

Jenny Ford

Equipment Needed: step bench, dumbbells, mat, stability ball, chair

End of February Update

Well I have tried my best to keep my calories around 1200 per day. Plus I have tried to workout everyday, even just for 15 minutes. It is still a huge battle to do a workout inside. I am hoping that we get a gym membership by first of March so then I will have more cardio machines to choose from. I am so bored of the Treadclimber!! Sad part is that I still owe $1100 for that damn thing!! Damn Thyroid Brain got to me and I didn't notice that my 18 month payment plan was coming to the end and now I am paying for an additional $450 in interest.

Anywho, nothing I can do about it now. I completed the 30 Day Workout Challenge through SP. I will never do that one again just because it is the same damn exercises each week. No change up at all. That got BOOORRRING real quick. I did try some different YouTube channel videos for stepping. That were good, but I have to be in the mood for these things. Especially listening to a woman's voice. Oh well, you do whatcha got a do.

Eating front has been tough. I started the Atkins diet since I was going low carb and no bread route anyways. I am having a problem only eating a net carb of 25 carbs per day. I'm not eating processed foods, it's just the vegetables I eat that are high in carbs. It is more the protein shake in the morning because I use a plant protein mix instead of whey. Lots of good carbs but still higher than the Induction Phase calls for. Trying to figure out a different more whole food breakfast. It has to be easy and not time consuming during the week days. I have seen a few muffin like egg omelets that you cook up in the muffin tin. I just don't eat really early so maybe I need to rethink my time to wake up during the week. Maybe that can be part of my 30 Day Challenge in March. Wake up an hour earlier and do a quick and easy workout and then have a healthy breakfast. It is just 20 days so I should be able to do this for the month of March.

The last week of Feb has just been brutal. I haven't worked out as consistently as I should but when I start feeling drained I know I have to rest. So I have rested this week and will hit it hard beginning on Monday for a new 30 day workout challenge.

So upcoming challenges will be:

30 Day Workout Challenge

30 Days of Clean Eating

30 Days of waking up 1 hour earlier on week days

Break down of Calories Eaten vs Burned for February:

Well the numbers say it all, I have to burn over 3500 calories a week to even lose one pound. It is brutal getting old, but that is the hard truth. The numbers do not lie.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Mid-February Update

My last drink of alcohol was on February 5th. I know it has only been a week, but I am determined to stop consuming alcohol. (Keith will just have to deal)

I have worked out everyday even for just 20 minutes. I am having a hard time burning 350 calories, but then again I could be but without my fitbit I am having to guess or use SP's calorie burned calculator. I am to the point of walking for a straight 30 minutes on the treadclimber again!! Praise the Lord!! I am also jumping rope again. Small victories but it shows that I am becoming stronger.

When I first started the SP Workout for 30 days Challenge, I was not doing the exercises daily. I was catching up the whole week in one day. This week I have been doing the workouts daily and I am seeing a huge difference! I am able to do more reps and next week I will be upping my weights on certain exercises. I am half way through the challenge and it has been damn good.

Now my eating this past week.....I was doing awesome up until Wednesday night when I had bread and pasta for dinner. I now know what triggers my sweet tooth cravings!! I think it is more the yeast in the bread so I will test this theory out probably Saturday night. I will make a pasta dish and see if I have any sweet cravings afterwards.

I have been pretty much eating a modified Atkins diet this week (except for Wednesday). I have not eaten any bread during the day and most dinners consist of meat, lots of veggies, and a small side of either rice or potatoes. I will eliminate the rice side this coming week. I need to eliminate potatoes as well, but I will do it in steps instead of full blown elimination all at once.

My goal with my diet is to eventually eat only veggies, fruits and meat. No processed carbs but maybe once a week and when I say processed I mean a serving of cornbread or a homemade buttermilk biscuit. Whole food eating is my goal and since eating pretty much this way all week, I do feel so much better.

I plan on buying more fruits and having a fresh fruit salad ready at all times. I know eventually I will not have to count my calories and will be able to eat as much as I need to satisfy my hunger. As long as I am working out and burning as many calories as I can per day I will get to a healthy comfortable weight and become very strong!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Doing the Math

I have been tracking everything I have eaten for a few weeks. It hasn't been good!!

I ran a report in SP showing my daily differential of calories. This includes calories eaten, daily BMR, and any calories burned during exercise. My average differential for the past couple of weeks has been only -1157 calories. This explains why I haven't lost any weight.

I have done the math and broken it down to what I need to do each week in order to lose 2 pounds. It will be a challenge to cut down on my eating but it is the only way. I have read so many times that dieting is 80% of what you eat and 20% of exercise. I am seeing it now that I worked up the numbers.

Yep, I can only consume 1200 calories per day. I know that if I end up skiing or hiking and such I can burn more calories during that exercise, but on a slow week it will still be hard to burn 350 calories. That is still a pretty good workout for me. If I do strength training for 20 minutes, I will have to do the treadclimber for 45 minutes. Heck I did an hour of total body workout today and only burned 294 calories. It will be a struggle but this is what I will have to do in order to lose 2 pounds this coming week and every week afterwards!!

Time to get serious!!

I have been playing around with my weight loss journey!! It is time to become serious and dedicated!

I will be drinking no more beer or alcohol for the next 2 months! This will be kinda difficult but I will do this.

I will be planning my days more efficiently and stay with in my calories.

I will be working out each day if only for a 20 minute walk.

I am fat and disgusting right now and I know I can achieve victory!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Challenge!

Well the first month of 2016 is done and gone! I did not lose any weight, but I also did not gain. I did workout more than I had in the past 3 months so that was good.

I need to push myself harder to get past this plateau. My 30 day workout challenge on SP is going okay. I had to make up 4 days in one day so I was very sore yesterday. Then yesterday was 5 hours of skiing. I only logged 3 hours because we took time and had lunch and then all the lift riding!! But we didn't rest on the slopes hardly at all!! We were grooving and I can feel it badly today!!

The biggest thing I need to do is stop drinking alcohol. My plan is to cut out the drinking beginning this Friday....with Michael being in town I will be drinking a few beers with him. I plan on putting any alcohol (vodka, moonshine, and beer) I have left over after these 4 days upstairs in the garage. If it is not in my house and easy to get to I won't be tempted. I don't think that I am an alcoholic, but this will test me and I will know after this if I really am.

I don't think the Leptigen is working, so I will be calling and returning it on Saturday. I will give it 5 more days to see if it begins working.

My plan for February is to:

1. No drinking of alcohol beginning Feb 5th
2. Completing the 30 day workout challenge on SP
3. Really planning my meals and keeping my calories at 1500