Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I didn't make any goals last week because of Jessica's knee injury. I took Thursday and Friday of last week off from work so I could take her to all of her appointments. Her knee is not as bad as we first thought. No broken tibial as they first said. She might have a torn ACL but she does not want surgery. I have taken her to an appointment everyday this week. Hopefully next week she will be able to drive herself again.

So my month has been stressful as I put in my last blog post. I am hoping to get control of my stress better. I just have to let things go and not let them get under my skin. Someone else's stress should not become my own.

I began taking a weight loss supplement called Leptigen. I have a 14 day free trial and if I don't see any weight loss during that time I can send it back at no cost to me. But if it works it will cost me $89.95 a month for a few months. If it works it is well worth the money. I a only on my second day so nothing so far. I don't feel jittery or sick from it which is good. I do feel more mellow since it contains Ashwanganda Root. It might be the thing I need right now. Something to mellow me out and not eat because of stress. I haven't been as hungry yesterday or today and I actually could not eat what I had planned for lunch, so that is real good. As long as it keeps me from evening snacking I think it will work.

I have been working out or walking everyday this week. I plan on walking for an hour today outside. I walked for 45 minutes outside yesterday.

I haven't received my Synthroid yet. It should be in sometime next week. I hope getting on it will regulate my thyroid and I will begin losing weight from that as well. Something has to give instead of my expanding waistline!!

I am hoping February is my turn around month and things start working in my favor again!!

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