Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I didn't make any goals last week because of Jessica's knee injury. I took Thursday and Friday of last week off from work so I could take her to all of her appointments. Her knee is not as bad as we first thought. No broken tibial as they first said. She might have a torn ACL but she does not want surgery. I have taken her to an appointment everyday this week. Hopefully next week she will be able to drive herself again.

So my month has been stressful as I put in my last blog post. I am hoping to get control of my stress better. I just have to let things go and not let them get under my skin. Someone else's stress should not become my own.

I began taking a weight loss supplement called Leptigen. I have a 14 day free trial and if I don't see any weight loss during that time I can send it back at no cost to me. But if it works it will cost me $89.95 a month for a few months. If it works it is well worth the money. I a only on my second day so nothing so far. I don't feel jittery or sick from it which is good. I do feel more mellow since it contains Ashwanganda Root. It might be the thing I need right now. Something to mellow me out and not eat because of stress. I haven't been as hungry yesterday or today and I actually could not eat what I had planned for lunch, so that is real good. As long as it keeps me from evening snacking I think it will work.

I have been working out or walking everyday this week. I plan on walking for an hour today outside. I walked for 45 minutes outside yesterday.

I haven't received my Synthroid yet. It should be in sometime next week. I hope getting on it will regulate my thyroid and I will begin losing weight from that as well. Something has to give instead of my expanding waistline!!

I am hoping February is my turn around month and things start working in my favor again!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just a post to recap how i am feeling

For the last 4 days I have been taking only one levothyroxin pill a day. I am feeling better these past couple of days. I have also stopped eating 9 grain bread and back to having my bean soup for lunch each day. I really think the grains in the bread were making me feel horrible since I ate sandwiches for 2 weeks straight for lunch. So I am eliminating most gluten items. I am not going completely gluten free but I think eliminating really grainy bread is a must.

I have got to cut out drinking alcohol more. I drank way too much Monday night and it just put me way over in may calories for the day.

I have to be more mindful of what I am about to eat and really ask myself if I need this.

I read a blog the other day about this blogger's trigger foods. She made a list and vowed not to have them in her home anymore. I have a few and I know which ones they are. I have been good at times to keep from buying them because if I have them near me I have no control not to eat them. My list is:

1. Ritz Crackers - I can eat a whole box in one seating and I mean I eat all 4 sleeves!!

2. Mike and Ikes - I will eat the whole box.

3. Block of cheddar cheese - will eat the whole block within a couple of days

4. Saltine crackers - I will eat the whole box

5. Twizzlers

6. Nilla Wafers

7. Captain Crunch

8. Life Cereal

9. Frosted Flakes

10. Coco Pebbles

11. Rice Krispies

12. Ice cream bars

**** I have become more and more stressed at work because of my boss*****
I will add to list but my brain cannot think with my boss yelling into the phone about the same old shit.

She has really began making my days very stressful with her loud and negative talking. I have got to come up with a meditation technique when I am at work with her. It has been so very stressful and dreadful. She is speaking so loud that my ears begin to ring. So very annoying!! I know that stress will also keep me from losing weight and I think this has become a factor. I feel so tensed up at this second from her horrible is so tough lately. So very tough........

Monday, January 11, 2016

2nd Week of January Goals

I was able to obtain 2 out of 3 goals last week!! So a new week and more goals.

1. Stay within calorie range of 1200 - 1500 each day. (I didn't make this goal last week) AGAIN I DID NOT ACHIEVE THIS GOAL!!

2. Walk at least 20 minutes each day. - DID THIS FOR 5 DAYS NOT THE FULL 7.

3. Complete a crochet project. - ACHIEVED THIS ONE!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

First Week of January Goals!

I'm hoping to be more consistent in keeping a weekly journal of my journey. So I will be setting small weekly goals.

For the first week of January my goals are:

1. Stick to 1200-1300 calories each day. I overate a couple of days so that goal was not attained.
2. Workout 3 times this week.                 I accomplished this one!! only 3 days but it is a start
3. Start or finish a crochet project.          Completed a scarf and began a beanie

I'm going to stick to small attainable goals each week. Eventually they will become habits and not goals.