Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!!

I have tracked everything I have eaten up until yesterday. I didn't eat a true lunch or dinner but I might need to head over to SP and log what I remember.

I have lost 3.5 pounds since Monday. I think this new batch of levothyroxin might have the right dosage. I have been waking up before 7 am each morning and up and moving before 8 am. I have had energy all day and feel so much better. Damn it is amazing what 35% difference in dosage can do!

I purchased some new protein products from Nutribullet. They are packed full of superfoods and are suppose to give you energy and help burn more calories. I only bought one pack of each kind just to see how they do. Bad part is there is only 10 servings so I would have to purchase like 4 bags if Keith decides he likes them. That would equal to $70 a month. But I guess that is still cheaper than eating fastfood every morning for breakfast.

I have a big dinner planned for tonight, but I am going to portion control everything. My goal is to be at 179 by Monday....2 more pounds to go. If I can keep up the good choices and exercise I might be around 165 by the time LaDonna comes to visit in January.

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