Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Goals

1. Regulate my thyroid hormones

2. Eat cleaner

3. Exercise regularly

4. Rid myself of these extra 50 pounds

5. Laugh more often

6. Stop being grumpy so much

7. Take more walks

8. Get control of our spending

9. Visit Michael in Colorado Springs

10. Laugh more often - yeah again I need to do this more

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!!

I have tracked everything I have eaten up until yesterday. I didn't eat a true lunch or dinner but I might need to head over to SP and log what I remember.

I have lost 3.5 pounds since Monday. I think this new batch of levothyroxin might have the right dosage. I have been waking up before 7 am each morning and up and moving before 8 am. I have had energy all day and feel so much better. Damn it is amazing what 35% difference in dosage can do!

I purchased some new protein products from Nutribullet. They are packed full of superfoods and are suppose to give you energy and help burn more calories. I only bought one pack of each kind just to see how they do. Bad part is there is only 10 servings so I would have to purchase like 4 bags if Keith decides he likes them. That would equal to $70 a month. But I guess that is still cheaper than eating fastfood every morning for breakfast.

I have a big dinner planned for tonight, but I am going to portion control everything. My goal is to be at 179 by Monday....2 more pounds to go. If I can keep up the good choices and exercise I might be around 165 by the time LaDonna comes to visit in January.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weight is still climbing!!

Last Thursday my weight had dropped to 180 so I was down 2 pounds. This morning I am up to 184.5....up 2.5 pounds!!

Tracking is going to be in full effect starting today. I must be snacking more than I think and eating just the wrong foods.

Something has to give!! I have to start seeing my weight go down. I will have to do the work and really push myself not to overeat and to workout!! I'm the only one that can do this for me. No one can do it for me.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bloodwork Results

I am completely confused, but my blood work came back lower than it did in July!! In July I was at 2.0 and now I am at 1.65. I know I felt my best at 2.0, but could a lower number be why I am not feeling great. I am at a lost. The doc is going to keep me at 50 mcg but still place me on Synthroid instead of Levothyroxin. Maybe my hormones are fluctuating up and down and they need to stay at a consistent 2.0. We shall see. I am still taking 2 pills a day of the Levothyroxin until my new meds come in.

On a better note, I am now down 2 pounds since Monday. I need to lose 2-3  more by Monday.

My goal is to get back into working out 2 - 3 times a week. I'm not going to push 5 days just yet. But I think if I can do 2 cardio workouts, ski, and do a good stretch throughout the week, it will get me back into the groove of working out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doctor Visit Update

Saw the doctor yesterday, Dec 14th. I have been feeling horrible since October 1st time frame.

Doc took my blood work again and will check my thyroid levels. She said that the generic brand Levothyroxin has a 35% difference of either more or less of actual dosage. I could have been getting the correct dosage in the months of July - September or more. Then when I did my refill on Sep 29th I could have received less than the actual dosage. I began feeling bad in October and hit the wall in November.

Her plans are to place me on the name brand Synthroid and hopefully I will become more regulated.

Looking back at my June - September posts, I was feeling great and was losing weight.

We shall see.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just feeling like crap!!!!

Oh body why do you do this to me?! I'm tired constantly, my back hurts constantly, my breathing is short, and my head hurts everyday!!

So tired of feeling like crap!!!!!!!

I keep gaining weight and I have no energy or desire to work out!!!!!!

I have an appointment with with my doctor on Monday and hopefully all I need is a boost in my meds. I just want to get back to feeling great again. Prior to the knee injury I was getting there and feeling great!!! It has been 2 years of feeling like crap! I guess it could be worst and it could be many more years like some people.

Just had to vent! I am going to listen to my tired ass body and take another day off from exercising. Hey I got 3 days straight of energy and now it is time for me to be burned out!