Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Exercise Update!!

Still no weight loss but I am becoming stronger!!

Ran on Friday and did a great time although I only ran for 1.5 miles but it had been a week since I had ran and I didn't want a injury.

Hiked on Sunday for 4.5 hours and although I was tired afterwards I could still move and function the rest of the day and next day.

Monday I biked and did not take a break until I was at the second bench at Round Valley. I was able to do 9,3 miles in under an hour!! I also felt great the rest of the night (I was able to work on bookkeeping stuff for an extra 1.5 hours) and the next day.

Tuesday I ran again! I ran for 3/4 of mile without stopping! I completed 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. My body felt great it was my lungs that were giving me a fit.

I have a leg workout planned for today but I think I'm going to switch it to upper body and abs instead in order to give my legs a break.

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