Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Took a Hiatus from tracking

Yep I did it again! I took a week off from tracking my food. I think I didn't overindulge but I have no proof.

I feel as if I will never figure out what it will take for my body to lose weight!! I cut my calories down to as low as I can and I workout....I gain weight! I go to a more in between calorie intake and workout...I gain weight!! I am gaining and then losing the same 5 pounds over and over again!! I am very frustrated and just don't know what steps to take to make my body go into a losing phase. It just wants to stay in maintenance phase and I need it to gear over to losing phase!!

I will stick to trying to stay at an average 1300 calories per day. I will also keep to my workout schedule and listen to my body when it just cannot workout that day. Like yesterday, I could barely walk from the run I did on Sunday. Yes, I did an actual run! I overdid it because I listened to Keith on where and when to run, but I won't make that mistake again. I will try different locations to figure out which one will work for me, but I do know the rail trail isn't my running path!! I also know that I don't need a running partner. Although Keith is by far no running partner. He left me and only walked with me on our walk back home. He sucks as an exercise partner. So I will do my runs alone and at my own pace. I thought I would look stupid and feel stupid running...well, I might have looked stupid but I didn't feel stupid and that is what matters!! I plan on running on Thursday for one mile and one mile only. I will try an interval of 1/1 for this first mile and see how it works for me.

One thing I can say about running is that my whole body is sore from it!! The pounding is hard on the body but I think it will also be good. My knee is sore but I will use my knee sleeve on Thursday and see if that helps. I have to get my breathing down better as well.

So yeah, I didn't track for a week but maintained my weight and then I began tracking for the last 3 days and gained weight!! So very frustrating but I will get there!! I will reach my goal!!

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