Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Staying Consistent

Well staying consistent is a great way to begin any weight loss journey. The consistency instills a long-term habit for most. There is always that percentage that it just doesn't work for. I feel that I fall into that not work for category at times. I have been consistent lately with my workouts and eating healthy. I have not splurged on cookies and junk food in months!

I know that my thyroid issue is really adhering my weight loss. I have to accept this right now and work on making myself feel good so I can remain consistent.

It is shattering at times when you have been so damn good for weeks and there is no change on the scale but the constant up and down that it does every week. I mean my weight begins at around 174 on Monday and I will go down to 172 and then up to 176 in that week, but by Monday I am back to 174. I really hate this thyroid problem but it is where I am in my life. Hind site is 20/20 and if I had only stuck with taking my meds prior to knee surgery and never took that Garcina Cambogia I would probably be at my idea weight of 145, but you know what I didn't and I am where I am today.

So it is time to stop measuring my progress by the scale!

It is time to measure my progress by my strength and ability to do more and improve upon those things.

For instance, my 2 days a week strength training - I need to increase my lifting weight every two weeks. I cannot remain at the same weight because I will not build more muscle that I need to help burn the extra fat. No more easy does it with 5 lbs but do the hard ones with 8 - 10 lbs and then increase every two weeks until my deadlifts and shoulder presses are with 20 lb weights.

Keep increasing my running time each week. I am right now at 14.35 minutes per mile. I need to get to 12.3 minutes per mile and then begin increasing my distance until I can run 5 miles.

Biking - I need to bike Round Valley on Saturday mornings and do no less than 2 hours. If it means looping Matt's Flats 2 to 3 times or even more until I feel confident enough to do the harder loop then I do it. 

I may never hit my magic number of 145, but I will be a damn healthy size 14!! That is what matters right now to me. Being healthy at the size I am now and hopefully with staying consistent with my workouts but pushing myself to achieve my workout goals I will lose weight. If I don't lose weight and can do all my workouts I will be healthy and will have had to lose some inches in the process.

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