Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Keep Doing The Work!!

Well I did not go for a bike ride on Monday because my legs were so darn sore. I instead just worked at my second job for 3 hours.

Tuesday I did go for a run, but I could only run for a mile before my knee began to bark at me. I did run for 5 minutes straight before walking so that is a huge improvement.

For today I will do an arm strength training workout. I haven't decided if I want to follow a workout video or do my own. I might need to follow a video because I tend to over do it when i wing it on my own.

Eating has been fairly good. I am not tracking anymore because it is just so damn tedious. I have decided not to weigh myself again until October 1st.

So my biggest focus is on my workouts. I want to be strong and have plenty of endurance this ski season.

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