Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeling the Burn

I was feeling yucky on Friday. A feverblister has come up on my face and I know that means my body is needing rest. So I rested on Friday. Then on Saturday I thought I needed to make up for Friday. I did over 100 varieties of weighted squats and over 100 varieties of lunges. Then I decided to jump on the treadclimber for 30 minutes. Nearly two hours later I was spent from a damn good workout. I felt awesome and so proud of myself!!

Sunday morning I could barely walk let alone sit down on the toilet! So my planned run on Sunday did not happen. Lesson learned is making up for one day can screw up another one. I should not have over done it. I know next time to limit my strength training to probably half of what I did on Saturday. I will eventually get tot the point of what I did on Saturday as a normal workout, but not yet.

I do plan on biking after work today. I also have 3 running days on the books for this week. I have improved my time each time I have ran. I am hoping for under 14 minutes per mile tomorrow.

On the eating front, I did poorly this weekend due to being sore and sick feeling. So all easy and quick meals.

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