Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Summary

I have exercised 4 days straight!! I went over my calories Wednesday, but all the other days I have been really good. I think I needed that week of rest and naps because I haven't taken any naps this week so far. I have been extremely tired after biking and it is hard to wake up in the morning still. I haven't done any strength training since last Monday. I think I will take a 30 minute break from works today and do a quick one. No biking today so the strength training will be a nice break.

So let's have a look how my week is going so far:

Monday I biked home from work and only went over my 1600 calories by 87. So I think I did good considering on Sunday I did 3.5 hours of exercise. So my body was needing some fuel.

Tuesday I worked at Michael's and actually worked the floor. I was walking constantly so I consider it exercising since I did more than what I usually do on a Tuesday night. I also stayed below my calories.

Wednesday busted everything. Bad eating day but good exercise. I was really spent after the bike ride.

Total Calories Eaten:    5395
Total Calories Burned:-6390
Differential:                  -995

I have to really stay focus the rest of the week. I feel as if I will have a weight gain this week. But I'm not going to quit. I'm going to stay focused these next few days and really work on my eating when I'm bored problem.

I will also take some progress pictures this weekend and see if there is a difference. I hope so.

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