Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday's Roundup

Survived another weekend!! I did not drink one ounce of alcohol all week!! I'm very proud of that feat!

I started using a new app to track my daily activity and burned calories. It is suppose to sense when I do certain exercises. Well it doesn't do a very good job but it does count my steps better than the LG Health app on my phone. I was running on the mini tramp and it sensed me as being on an elliptical. Plus it is suppose to sense when you do squats, sit ups, pushups, hula hoop, jump rope, treadmill, and bicycle. Well it only sensed me doing 9 squats when I had actually done 50, plus it sensed me doing situps when I was doing side bends. But hey it gives me an idea of what calories I'm burning. It is better than nothing.

I signed up for a Virtual 5k for the week of Aug 9 - 15. I signed up to do walk/run so I have to get some time out on the trail training. I ran on the mini tramp for 10 minute intervals so it is a start.

So let's look at the past 4 days:

I don't know why my BMR changed through SparkPeople but it reads me at 1800 calories for my BMR now from 1650. I don't know if it has adjusted to account for me working out as much as I have or what. I decided to go with the Sense Me app for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's calories burned.

Thursday was going really great until my daughter came home with bagels. I was at 1400 calories until I ate a bagel. At least I opted out on the cream cheese and used light butter instead. Small tweaks sometimes just small tweaks.

Friday I stuck with the plan and plus made myself workout since I didn't feel up to biking because of the hard winds. I did a great 45 minute strength/cardio workout and then did 20 minutes on the mini tramp. I found healthy substitutes for my sweet tooth and stuck with my eating plan. Plus when the husband stopped by Arby's to grab himself something to eat I did not order anything and went home and worked out instead. Again a small tweak saved me some major calories!!

Saturday I just couldn't talk myself into biking. I don't know what it was but this weekend I was anti-biking. I did do another strength training workout and I felt it not long after the workout. Thank you Jessica Smith TV for pushing me!! I then did 30 minutes on the mini tramp which equated to a 1.5 miles. I again stuck to eating healthy and light.

Sunday I knew I had to go to a picnic and ate light all day. I didn't do any type of exercising besides planting a few plants and walking up and down stairs a few times. I have began listening to my body and when I am feeling like I have to push extra harder than normal to do a workout or bike ride I choose to rest my body instead. I cannot go another week like I did 4th of July week where all I did was nap and do absolutely nothing.

The full week summary is:

Total Calories Eaten:      11,204
Total Calories Burned:  -14,935
Total Differential:          -3731

So I finally hit my calorie differential goal. I had to be very mindful the last 4 days because I had over indulged a couple of times through out the week. As of Sunday morning I weighed 172.5 but this morning I weigh 174. I understand that there is weight fluctuation and I could be retaining water from not drinking enough water, but come on give me a break!! I'm going to book it at 174 but I hope to see a change next Monday. I have maintained for 3 weeks now. I have to start seeing that scale go down this week!! I am going to have to really push harder to burn off the fat.

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