Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Roundup

I really did not workout at all this past week. I just was so tired most days that I ended up power napping when I got off work. I am feeling better this Monday so maybe I just needed a week off.

Let's begin the summary for the week:

Thursday I did good on eating. But I did not workout. I took a 2 hour nap after work.

Friday I did not take a nap but I wanted to. I did about an hour of walking when I went grocery shopping. I ate well I just consumed too many alcoholic calories. Alcohol on the weekend is really my downfall. It is just so many empty calories and I really need to stop doing it.

Saturday I did not go on the bike ride I had planned. I also took a 2 hour nap as well. I would have done good with my calories if I had not drank a few beers. Again I was over my calorie allowance.

Sunday I made up the for all the lazy days with 3 and a half hours of exercise. I did an hour long bike ride where I wrecked twice. First time back single tracking with clipons and a trail I haven't done in nearly two years. After biking I just didn't feel as if I did enough so we hiked for 2 and a half hours.
I didn't eat many calories but again the alcohol made up 600 calories.

I have to get a control over my weekend drinking. For one the beer is so low in alcohol content that I really am drinking empty calories. So I am not buying anymore beer until Labor Day weekend. I need to also plan my meals around any cocktail drinking. I have come up with low calorie drinks that taste good and the only calories are from the alcohol shots. So that is better but I really need to cut out all alcohol for right now. I am down to maybe 2 shots of vodka left at home so no drinking for awhile.

Total Week Summary:

Total Calories Eaten:    11,809
Total Calories Burned:-14,709
Differential:                   -2900

Better on my calories burned but still not at 3500. I know if I had done even 30 minutes a day I would have made it, but I will have those weeks. I didn't lose any weight this week. I actually went up by half a pound but the drinking makes me retain water and that should be gone soon. I have to lose 2 pounds this week. So I will be eating light and working out each day even if it is just 30 minutes.I have a bike ride planned after work today and one planned for Wednesday evening. I should lose the 2 pounds this week and with the no drinking until Labor Day weekend should help as well.

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