Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday's Roundup - Survived the Holiday Weekend

It was the 4th of July weekend and I didn't overindulge. I drank a couple of cocktails on Friday and a couple more on Saturday but the only calories were the alcohol. So I didn't go out and buy a case of beer and drink it all up. I have decided if I drink it will have to be tequila or vodka with a non-calorie mixer.

I didn't do much exercise after Friday. Saturday and Sunday were just lazy days. I think with my thyroid I will have days like these. The good thing is that I didn't eat like I normally do when my body is tired. I slept when I needed sleep and kept my calories under 1600. Which could be why I show a 5 pound loss this week.

So the Roundup of my calories are as follows:

Thursday I did a short 30 minute bike ride so only burned 133 calories. I stayed within my range of 1600 calories for the day.

Friday I did a lot of walking and a 45 minute bike ride. Burned some good calories and was under 1600 calories in food I ate.

Saturday was such a lazy day. I had good intentions of waking up early and biking but the path I would have taken was full of people. I just knew I would end up having to walk my bike majority of the time because of the parade, 5k, and pancake breakfast going. I was extra tired for some reason, probably the thyroid. So I took it easy and napped when I needed to nap which was most of the day and evening. All the sleeping kept my calories in the low range which is good since I did no activity.

Sunday we woke up to rainy weather. We had the alarm go off early but we both decided it was a lazy day. I think the husband and I were just needing a good day of rest and relaxation. Again I didn't eat too much. I don't know how because I was wanting to eat sooooo bad. I stuck with healthy snacks and just said no to eating.

All and all I stayed within my calorie range of 1600 each day. I didn't exercise as much as I wanted but I begin a strength training program today and should begin burning some major calories.

Total Eaten for the week: 10,631
Total Calories Burned:    -12,870
Differential for the week:-2,239

Still didn't hit my 3500 calorie differential that I wanted, but because I didn't workout as much I did eat less. Only by 569 calories, but it is a start and it takes time to reset one's thinking.

My scale read 173.5 this morning which is a 5 pound loss for the week. I'm not counting on this to be accurate, but I will log it and keep watching my eating and workout more this week. Hopefully I will maintain this week and not gain.

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