Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just a Post to Write down my Thoughts

Well, I can say that trying to get healthy and lose weight is a constant thought on my mind. I don't know if it will ever change, but it is something I think about consciously every minute of the day.

My internal thought process:

"Should I eat that popcorn? Where does that take me on my calories? I should really move more today so I can off set any extra food."

A constant thought, a constant reminder of what I need to do.

Will I not need these internal conversations with myself once I am at my goal weight? Will this be my thought process until the day I die?

I really do not like having these thoughts constantly, but i must in order to achieve my goal. I just hope that once I have met my goal I won't have to be as mindful because the habits of good eating and exercise will be instilled in my daily life.

I have those days still that I just am not motivated and all I want to do is sleep and not think. I know my thyroid is a huge factor in this and I just want it to get stable and stop messing with my days. I think that if things don't improve by the end of September I will make another appointment and have her check my levels again.

I also know a lot of my problems stems from worrying about money. I'm tired of that broken record as well, but it is what it is right now and until we can downsize and buy another car we are where we are.

On a lighter note, I had a wonderful workout on Monday! Here is a picture of me after working out. I was spent and feeling good.

Thursday Summary

My week started out strong by I have faltered mid-week. I can say that I could never be Vegan. I went one full day without eating any meat and I was not feeling well the next day. I had absolutely no energy and nothing seemed to satisfy my hunger.

Now to the breakdown of the past three days:

Monday I stayed well under my goal of 1400 calories. I also did a great workout! I did my favorite step aerobics YouTube workout along with running on the mini tramp for 20 minutes straight. Yeah I didn't stop I ran the whole time!! I know it isn't the same as running outside but it is a start.

Tuesday was the day I ate no meat and I could really feel the no energy. I had to really force myself to workout and it was only a 40 minute workout at that. I did 20 minutes on the TreadClimber and another 20 minutes on the mini tramp. I didn't really go very hard on my running or the treadclimber because I all I really wanted to do was sleep. I was way under on my calories I didn't even hit 1200 calories for the day.

Wednesday was a hard day for me. I wanted to workout but I just had no energy for anything. I didn't even want to carry on a conversation. We ordered pizza and that is what put me over. It is what it is and I will have to really watch my calories for the rest of the week.

Total Calories Eaten:     4682
Total Calories Burned: -5959
Differential:                  -1277

I will get over this stumble and burn the extra 2223 calories I need to burn as well as keep my total eaten calories at 9800 which means I can only eat 1280 calories each day for the next 4 days. It is going to be tough but I know I can do this.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday's Roundup

Survived another weekend!! I did not drink one ounce of alcohol all week!! I'm very proud of that feat!

I started using a new app to track my daily activity and burned calories. It is suppose to sense when I do certain exercises. Well it doesn't do a very good job but it does count my steps better than the LG Health app on my phone. I was running on the mini tramp and it sensed me as being on an elliptical. Plus it is suppose to sense when you do squats, sit ups, pushups, hula hoop, jump rope, treadmill, and bicycle. Well it only sensed me doing 9 squats when I had actually done 50, plus it sensed me doing situps when I was doing side bends. But hey it gives me an idea of what calories I'm burning. It is better than nothing.

I signed up for a Virtual 5k for the week of Aug 9 - 15. I signed up to do walk/run so I have to get some time out on the trail training. I ran on the mini tramp for 10 minute intervals so it is a start.

So let's look at the past 4 days:

I don't know why my BMR changed through SparkPeople but it reads me at 1800 calories for my BMR now from 1650. I don't know if it has adjusted to account for me working out as much as I have or what. I decided to go with the Sense Me app for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's calories burned.

Thursday was going really great until my daughter came home with bagels. I was at 1400 calories until I ate a bagel. At least I opted out on the cream cheese and used light butter instead. Small tweaks sometimes just small tweaks.

Friday I stuck with the plan and plus made myself workout since I didn't feel up to biking because of the hard winds. I did a great 45 minute strength/cardio workout and then did 20 minutes on the mini tramp. I found healthy substitutes for my sweet tooth and stuck with my eating plan. Plus when the husband stopped by Arby's to grab himself something to eat I did not order anything and went home and worked out instead. Again a small tweak saved me some major calories!!

Saturday I just couldn't talk myself into biking. I don't know what it was but this weekend I was anti-biking. I did do another strength training workout and I felt it not long after the workout. Thank you Jessica Smith TV for pushing me!! I then did 30 minutes on the mini tramp which equated to a 1.5 miles. I again stuck to eating healthy and light.

Sunday I knew I had to go to a picnic and ate light all day. I didn't do any type of exercising besides planting a few plants and walking up and down stairs a few times. I have began listening to my body and when I am feeling like I have to push extra harder than normal to do a workout or bike ride I choose to rest my body instead. I cannot go another week like I did 4th of July week where all I did was nap and do absolutely nothing.

The full week summary is:

Total Calories Eaten:      11,204
Total Calories Burned:  -14,935
Total Differential:          -3731

So I finally hit my calorie differential goal. I had to be very mindful the last 4 days because I had over indulged a couple of times through out the week. As of Sunday morning I weighed 172.5 but this morning I weigh 174. I understand that there is weight fluctuation and I could be retaining water from not drinking enough water, but come on give me a break!! I'm going to book it at 174 but I hope to see a change next Monday. I have maintained for 3 weeks now. I have to start seeing that scale go down this week!! I am going to have to really push harder to burn off the fat.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Summary

I have exercised 4 days straight!! I went over my calories Wednesday, but all the other days I have been really good. I think I needed that week of rest and naps because I haven't taken any naps this week so far. I have been extremely tired after biking and it is hard to wake up in the morning still. I haven't done any strength training since last Monday. I think I will take a 30 minute break from works today and do a quick one. No biking today so the strength training will be a nice break.

So let's have a look how my week is going so far:

Monday I biked home from work and only went over my 1600 calories by 87. So I think I did good considering on Sunday I did 3.5 hours of exercise. So my body was needing some fuel.

Tuesday I worked at Michael's and actually worked the floor. I was walking constantly so I consider it exercising since I did more than what I usually do on a Tuesday night. I also stayed below my calories.

Wednesday busted everything. Bad eating day but good exercise. I was really spent after the bike ride.

Total Calories Eaten:    5395
Total Calories Burned:-6390
Differential:                  -995

I have to really stay focus the rest of the week. I feel as if I will have a weight gain this week. But I'm not going to quit. I'm going to stay focused these next few days and really work on my eating when I'm bored problem.

I will also take some progress pictures this weekend and see if there is a difference. I hope so.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Roundup

I really did not workout at all this past week. I just was so tired most days that I ended up power napping when I got off work. I am feeling better this Monday so maybe I just needed a week off.

Let's begin the summary for the week:

Thursday I did good on eating. But I did not workout. I took a 2 hour nap after work.

Friday I did not take a nap but I wanted to. I did about an hour of walking when I went grocery shopping. I ate well I just consumed too many alcoholic calories. Alcohol on the weekend is really my downfall. It is just so many empty calories and I really need to stop doing it.

Saturday I did not go on the bike ride I had planned. I also took a 2 hour nap as well. I would have done good with my calories if I had not drank a few beers. Again I was over my calorie allowance.

Sunday I made up the for all the lazy days with 3 and a half hours of exercise. I did an hour long bike ride where I wrecked twice. First time back single tracking with clipons and a trail I haven't done in nearly two years. After biking I just didn't feel as if I did enough so we hiked for 2 and a half hours.
I didn't eat many calories but again the alcohol made up 600 calories.

I have to get a control over my weekend drinking. For one the beer is so low in alcohol content that I really am drinking empty calories. So I am not buying anymore beer until Labor Day weekend. I need to also plan my meals around any cocktail drinking. I have come up with low calorie drinks that taste good and the only calories are from the alcohol shots. So that is better but I really need to cut out all alcohol for right now. I am down to maybe 2 shots of vodka left at home so no drinking for awhile.

Total Week Summary:

Total Calories Eaten:    11,809
Total Calories Burned:-14,709
Differential:                   -2900

Better on my calories burned but still not at 3500. I know if I had done even 30 minutes a day I would have made it, but I will have those weeks. I didn't lose any weight this week. I actually went up by half a pound but the drinking makes me retain water and that should be gone soon. I have to lose 2 pounds this week. So I will be eating light and working out each day even if it is just 30 minutes.I have a bike ride planned after work today and one planned for Wednesday evening. I should lose the 2 pounds this week and with the no drinking until Labor Day weekend should help as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Summary

So far my week has been great with eating. I have stayed below my 1600 calories for Monday and Tuesday. I went a little over on Wednesday, but it wasn't by much.

I had my last follow up with the doctor on my thyroid. She said my levels are good and I do not have Hashimoto's. That is a relieve. I know that there will be weeks where my energy level will become very low and that is this week so far. It began on Saturday and it hasn't stopped yet. I did take a 2 hour nap on Wednesday. I had actually drank some Jack 3d and still slept for 2 hours. I just could not muster up the energy to workout so I didn't force myself like I have in the past.

So here is this week's summary so far:

Monday was my doctor's appointment and I had to fast until after 10 am. I barely hit the 1200 calorie mark and did a two hour workout. I did a 30 minute strength workout and then mountain biked for an hour and a half. I could tell that I had not eaten much and was losing energy fast. It took all I could to finally make it home from our ride.

Tuesday was work day and I did do a lot of walking around the store. I also was feeling pretty tired and had a headache all day. I ended up giving my 2 week notice and I'm really glad I did. I just need to concentrate on the two important jobs that I have now. Plus I need to really concentrate on my health and Tuesdays were really messing me up.

I did not even hit 1200 calories for the day. I ended up eating a bowl of oatmeal just to get over 1000 calories.

Wednesday was my tired day. Now looking at Monday and Tuesday I can see why I was tired and lethargic. I just had not eaten enough food to keep me going. I almost hit 1700 calories for the day, but it was good food and not processed junk food.

I didn't do my planned workout even with it only being 14 minutes long. I had good intentions but I have learned that I have to listen to my body. If I can sleep for 2 hours after taking Jack3D then I needed the sleep. I even slept soundly that night.

Summary for the first half of the week is:

Total Calories Eaten:     4028
Total Calories Burned: -6028
Differential:                  -2000

I am on track for a good week and hopefully a drop in weight. I still have 4 more days to go.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday's Roundup - Survived the Holiday Weekend

It was the 4th of July weekend and I didn't overindulge. I drank a couple of cocktails on Friday and a couple more on Saturday but the only calories were the alcohol. So I didn't go out and buy a case of beer and drink it all up. I have decided if I drink it will have to be tequila or vodka with a non-calorie mixer.

I didn't do much exercise after Friday. Saturday and Sunday were just lazy days. I think with my thyroid I will have days like these. The good thing is that I didn't eat like I normally do when my body is tired. I slept when I needed sleep and kept my calories under 1600. Which could be why I show a 5 pound loss this week.

So the Roundup of my calories are as follows:

Thursday I did a short 30 minute bike ride so only burned 133 calories. I stayed within my range of 1600 calories for the day.

Friday I did a lot of walking and a 45 minute bike ride. Burned some good calories and was under 1600 calories in food I ate.

Saturday was such a lazy day. I had good intentions of waking up early and biking but the path I would have taken was full of people. I just knew I would end up having to walk my bike majority of the time because of the parade, 5k, and pancake breakfast going. I was extra tired for some reason, probably the thyroid. So I took it easy and napped when I needed to nap which was most of the day and evening. All the sleeping kept my calories in the low range which is good since I did no activity.

Sunday we woke up to rainy weather. We had the alarm go off early but we both decided it was a lazy day. I think the husband and I were just needing a good day of rest and relaxation. Again I didn't eat too much. I don't know how because I was wanting to eat sooooo bad. I stuck with healthy snacks and just said no to eating.

All and all I stayed within my calorie range of 1600 each day. I didn't exercise as much as I wanted but I begin a strength training program today and should begin burning some major calories.

Total Eaten for the week: 10,631
Total Calories Burned:    -12,870
Differential for the week:-2,239

Still didn't hit my 3500 calorie differential that I wanted, but because I didn't workout as much I did eat less. Only by 569 calories, but it is a start and it takes time to reset one's thinking.

My scale read 173.5 this morning which is a 5 pound loss for the week. I'm not counting on this to be accurate, but I will log it and keep watching my eating and workout more this week. Hopefully I will maintain this week and not gain.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Summary

Oh my it has been a tough week! I have stayed on plan and remained under the 1600 calories, but the temptations have been so tough. I know a lot of it is my emotions. We are short on money this month (as usual) and I am internally freaking out (as usual) and trying to stay strong for the husband. I keep telling myself that this will pass and we will get back to being sound in our finances. It will happen, but lord until it does I just want to dive into a bag of cookies like crazy!! The heat isn't helping either (or maybe it is)....we have to go into our bedroom by 6 pm to remain cool. This does keep me further from the kitchen and I don't like eating in my bed, but I am dying from the heat!! If you could truly melt fat by sweating I would be so skinny right now!!

So the summary is:

Monday I did no type of exercising. My knee was so sore from biking on Sunday and no matter how later it began it just didn't get any cooler to go out and practice biking in clipons. I did add in some mild walking as part of my exercise. I did go up and down the stairs a few times and walked a lot at work.

Tuesday I had to work at night so no true dinner. I filled myself up before going into work. It was so darn hot when I made it home that all I ate was a couple of chilled oranges. I did a lot of walking while working although all I wanted to do was stand in front of the vent that was blowing some nice cool air at me.

Thursday was a good day. I went and practiced with my clipons and did pretty good. I was starving when I went to bed but knew I was at my 1600 calories for the day and just went to bed hungry. I'm trying to lose weight which means some nights I will be hungry and I will just have to ignore it.

Total Calories consumed:   4676
Total Calories burned:      -5571
Differential:                         -895

Venting Session:
This will be on everything today because I just need to vent and write my frustrations with life down.

I just can't ever get above water!! We begin to see a few good months where I'm not worried about a payment bouncing or having to pay something late and then we go back into not being able to make it through the month!! I am so damn tired of this!! I know I have to come up with a budget and really stick with it. I have to say no to myself and the family on purchases we really don't need. I mean every time the husband and I decide to do something for ourselves like go out to eat or go to the movies it always ends up I regret treating ourselves. I keep these emotions all bundled up inside and it just eats away at me. I hate that I can't go and buy something without having buyer's remorse. Every damn time it happens. I know what I have to do and it takes a lot of work and a lot of no's. I just have to face reality and tackle this demon. I have to come to the realization that we are just not those people where everything works itself out. We are those people who have to pinch each and every penny. I just need to get the husband on board with a budget and let him know that if he works with me we can get out of this debt and live the way he wants. But until then we have to enjoy only the free things and forget golfing, going out to eat, and buying items we really can do with out.