Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Summary

So I have been logging all my food for the past 3 days. The good, the bad, and the ugly!! The breakdown comes down to these following charts. Monday was a day of rest so only calories burned were my normal BMR of 1650 calories. I over indulged because my daughter baked the yummiest cookies ever.

Tuesday was my day of working until 9:45 at night. I do a lot of pacing back and forth while working at night so I figured I burned about 200 calories. I am missing my fitbit really bad right now!! Surprisingly I remained under 1500 calories. I say surprisingly because when I got home the husband had ordered pizza and I had one slice. My taste buds wanted 2 but I limited it to just one and the smallest slice left.

Wednesday I went on a hike after work with my daughter. For the first time in years I actually jogged!! We jogged intervals the last half of our hike. It was on trails which I think made it easier for me. On a long asphalt trail I can see further and my mind begins calculating the distance and all the other awful things, but on a trail I have to concentrate on just the 2 feet in front of me the whole time. My recovery was quick as well. I was totally redfaced at the end and was getting the looks from everyone at the base of the resort, but I did something I haven't tried to do in years, I jogged and it felt great!!

I ate over 1700 calories which is 200 more than I want to eat each day, but I have to take in account that I just didn't have any good food in the house. My cupboards have been extremely bare this week. Grocery day is today, so hopefully next weeks eating will be better. I was completely vegan on Wednesday though.

Break down for the past 3 days:

Total calories eaten:     4903
BMR:                           4950
Total calories burned:   804
Total burned:               5754

Differential:                -851

My goal is to have a total differential for the week of -3500 so I can lose at least 1 pound. I have a lot of working out to do these next 4 days.

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