Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Roundup

So the last four days have been good and bad. The good part is that I was active, bad part is I ate too much and drank some beer and alcohol. I have to get into moderation instead of thinking that I will workout even harder the next day to counteract my bad judgement at the time. It just doesn't work that way. I know it doesn't and I need to become more strict with myself.

So the breakdown is as follows:

Thursday I was doing great at first but ended up drinking 3 bottles of Corona Lite. I did a bike ride at the last minute and it was so darn hot!! I hit the wall and was just dying by the time I made it home. I really didn't want to cook, but I did and then I enjoyed 3 beers. So I burned over 500 calories (probably more than this but without my fitbit I can't track all the walking around calories I burned) but then I consumed 2317 calories. 481 calories were from beverages alone.

Friday I ended up going out to eat with the husband. Man you don't realize how many calories are in the food at restaurants!! OMG it is crazy!! Plus I had a couple of margaritas and those bad boys are loaded with calories. We did do an hour and half of walking at Scheels. That is one huge store and I still don't think we covered the whole store.

Saturday's plans got so blown up!! Cynthia texted me at 6:30 in the morning wanting me to finish up entries that she had sent me at 10:30 pm the previous night! So instead of the bike ride I had planned for myself at 8 am I was working on her books at 7:45 am. Then I had to meet her at noon which made it way too hot to bike afterwards. I just chalked up the day as a active rest day.

Sunday made up for Saturday!! I did two separate bike rides! Man they were both tiring. The first one we biked from Deer Valley to PCMR which was 7.12 miles. The first part of the ride was all up hill on single tracks. It was so hard. But the end of the ride was all downhill on single tracks. We had to do a lot of stopping for late start bikers biking up but all and all it was a fun ride. The second one I thought would be an easy breezy rail trail bike ride. Well the husband decided that we should take the new underpass to the Round Valley Express trail. Good lord the last half of the bike ride was pretty much all up hill and not an easy 2% grade but some pretty major climbs. By the time we made it to the last 1/4 mile I had hit a wall from the heat and walked my bike the rest of the way. We got stuck waiting on traffic and I just didn't have the energy to start biking uphill from a complete stop!

Part of the Deer Valley Trail that was tough to bike up.

The easy grade of the Rail Trail near Promontory.

With all the biking I didn't have any time to eat because once we made it home we went back out looking for me some clipon shoes and new clipon pedals. So this afternoon will be filled with learning how to bike with clipons!!

Now the breakdown for the week of June 22 - June 28:

Total Calories Consumed:   13, 354
Total Calories Burned:       -14, 495
Differential:                           -1141

Definitely didn't hit my -3500 calories that I wanted as the differential. But this has really helped me see what I need to work on more and how I should fix these problems. I ate way more calories than I wanted for the week. I was showing a differential of -851 by Thursday morning and my bad eating and drinking is what busted my goal. So for 4 days I only burned an extra 290 calories. Wow what an eye opener!! I should have only consumed 11, 200. So a difference of 2154 which if I was to look back at all my entries will be the beer and cookies I ate through out the week. I also should have burned 15, 400 calories for the week. I came pretty darn close, I was only shy by 905 calories. Those calories could have been burned if I had worked out on Friday and Saturday like I had planned.

My conclusion is that the older I become the more vital it is to watch what I eat. Losing weight is going to be 80% diet and 20% fitness. Until Thursday!!

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