Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18th


1 slice of 12 grain toast w/ egg salad and butter
1 small apple
3 cups of chai tea sweetened with stevia in the raw

I was planning on eating 2 slices of the egg salad toast but I just could not eat the second one. The bread has a strong yeast flavor to it or wheat. I don't know but I think I will be throwing out the rest of this bread. Plus I should have kept the egg as just a hard boiled egg. The mayo, mustard and pickles just isn't something I prefer in the morning. The apple was very tasty!!

Mid-morning Snack:

1 serving of Oikos Greek Yogurt w/ blueberries on bottom
1 serving of Snapple Lemon Ice Tea


Baby spinach w/ tuna fish salad
1 serving of Snapple Lemon Ice Tea

Very tasty lunch and filling! I love the dole salad kits and this one is the baby spinach with blue cheese crumble, slivered almonds, dried cherries and a white balsamic vinaigrette!

I was going to have a tuna fish salad sandwich with my salad, but I had to toss the bread. I am still having an awful after taste from it. I think the wheat was fermenting.

My Thoughts for Today:

I am succeeding in having protein at every meal today. I am trying to up my protein intake to about 100 g per day. Just have to keep my carbs under 250 g per day and I think this might be the winning combination for me.

I felt pretty rested this morning, but I am starting to get the afternoon slumps. I do have a red bull to give me energy for my bike ride after work. Yesterday I had to drink some JackD 3D in order to have energy to go on a bike ride. I don't like having to take these energy drinks, but I seem to need them everyday.

Afternoon Pick me up:

1 can of Red Bull Yellow

After work bike ride complete:

I hit my 500 calories burn goal for today!! It was scorching hot as you can see at the top of my stats pic. 91 degrees and no shade through out my entire ride!! I did take a break at the soccer fields and ate a protein bar. I had to detour off the rail trail due to the city spraying the weeds along the trail. I carried my bike up the public stairs but stopped at our courtyard gate. Thought I could just go in through the gate, but the gate wire is broken so had to leave bike and walk the rest of the way up the stairs and then back down 2 flights of stairs to grab my bike!! I was so out of breath by the end of this bike ride. I know it is the heat but it is only going to become hotter so I have to acclimate!

Mid-afternoon Snack:

1 Almond chewy nature valley protein bar

Bacon Cheeseburger & 2 Miller Lites

So I ended up drinking 2 beers today. My day was still very active and busy.

End of the day stats:

Calories Eaten:  1687
Calories burned: 539
Net Calories:      1148

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