Monday, June 22, 2015

Figuring it all Out

Well trying to post daily is just too much for me. Also taking pictures of everything I eat is too much for me. I want the blog to be a positive tool instead of one that becomes tedious. Losing weight and becoming healthier is hard all by themselves, I can't let blogging about my journey become a chore and something that will derail my efforts. So I am still in the figuring it all out phase.

Bottom line is that I might have 2 days out of the entire week that aren't overwhelming.

Mondays might be easy to blog during the day, but after my main job I then have to go home and work a few hours on my other bookkeeping job plus the husband is home and becomes a distraction. So Mondays after work are not good days for blogging.

Tuesdays I work all three jobs so I am out of the house from 6:45 am until 9:45 pm. There just isn't any downtime during Tuesdays to post. So Tuesday blogging is off the table.

Wednesday is my best day for blogging during the day and evening. Thursday is a good day as well. Weekends are really out because I am pretty busy the entire time to blog. So I think my blogging days will be Monday with a catch up from the weekend and Thursday with a catch up from Monday - Wednesday with some goals lined up for the weekend.

I do want to post some pictures because I just like the looks of it, so I might still have some food and activity picture collages but no more breakdowns of each meal. I will still try and track all I eat and give a breakdown each Monday of calories in vs burned. But for the rest of June I am just going to focus on exercise and eating better. So no tracking of calories and plus my fitbit broke so unless I am using my biking app I can't really track accurate calories burned. Hopefully I will have a new fitbit by July 1st and can then track my calories more accurately.

For example: Saturday I only did 30 minutes on the treadclimber so it shows only 125 calories burned, but I know I burned more because of the non-tracked activities from the day. I know I walked up and down stairs at least 65 times that day not to mention the calories I burned sanding tables and chairs to be stained. So it was an active day but no organized workout. Then on Sunday I hiked for 6 hours. An online calculator said I burned 2500 calories while the sparkpeople activity tracker said I burned 3330 calories. So without my fitbit I just cannot tell what is accurate for my calories burned.

On a brighter note, I did lose 3 pounds last week. I started off at 179 and this morning it showed 176. Now I did get down to 174.5 by Saturday, but by Monday the scale was reading 176. It would have been awesome to have been 174 by today, but  I will take the 3 pounds. I was shooting for 2 pounds a week and to have lost an extra pound is terrific.

Today will be a rest day for me because the hike really took everything out of me. We ran out of water half-way into the hike so dehydration really kicked in and my body is still recovering from it today. Tuesday will only be active from cashiering at Michael's for 4 hours, but Wednesday I will begin my biking after work again. So I am working out actively 5 days a week but they have been straight days which means no breaks in between. I think the Monday rest and Tuesday active rest days are going to work for me. I will pick one day a week to be a very active day but not over do it like I did Sunday ever again. That was just brutal.

I will blog again on Thursday and begin the true format of how I want my blog to go. Until then I will keep my eating under control and stay active!!

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