Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17th


I ate 2 pieces of 12 grain bread toast with butter and apple butter jam
Drank a Yellow Red Bull and 3 cups of chai tea with no milk sweetened with stevia in the raw

Mid-Morning Snack:

Oikos Greek yogurt with blueberries on the bottom


Golden yam microwaved with salt
Green Giant steamed veggies

Not the best tasting lunch...
I over cooked my potato but it was filling
My Venting my feelings section:

Well, I am feeling disappointed in my ability to lose weight and my need for sleep in the mornings are making my breakfast decisions questionable. I really have to get in control of my eating habits better. My energy level after lunch is feeling pretty good. I feel as if I will have the energy to go on an hour long bike ride after work.

Speaking of biking, I need to set up 3 days of organized strength and cardio work outs again. I have been lacking on the work outs this past week.

Did a bike ride today after work. It was very hot and I only stuck with the rail trail and double tracks at round valley.

The sun was beating down and there was not shade at all.

Screen shot of my stats. Not too shabby for a quick after work bike ride. Wanted to do 10 miles, but missed the turn I needed to take and it ended up shortening my ride.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

1 oz of Planters mixed nuts


Stir fry pork and vegetables w/ 1 cup of white rice

It is now 6:30 in the evening and I have eaten all the meals I allotted myself. I am hoping that if I stay busy I won't eat anything else.

End of the day totals:

Calories eaten:  1587
Calories burned: 477
Net Calories:    1110

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