Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And it Begins

I have decided to make a private blog that maybe I will make public. I feel as if I need to posts pictures and statuses for myself. I have found that writing it down on paper doesn't work for me, but typing and adding pictures does.

My goal with this private blog is to post what I have eaten along with pictures as well as activity pictures. I will have a beginning picture of how I look and will monthly posts new pictures. I will vent all of my frustrations along with my wins.

So to sum up what I have been struggling with of late is I have been trying to lose 50 pounds for the past 15 years. I keep losing the same 10 pounds every year. I know that this is not a healthy cycle and I need to not gain back those 10 pounds again this year! Last year on June 12th I had knee surgery that made me gain 10 pounds of top of the 10 pounds I gain back every year. So now I am in the need to lose 50 pounds compared to 40 all those other years. Plus on top of the knee surgery my thyroid is under active again! I had stopped taking the thyroid meds once my prescription ran out last June (at the same time I had surgery). Well, now it is really off and I am currently at 50 mcg but I think it will need to be upped again next month.

This is my last option and I have to lose these extra pounds and become healthier or I just know my body will begin breaking down to the point I will be subjected to many medications. I want to stop this in its tracks now. I am 44 and by the time I turn 50 I want my health to be top notch. I know it won't happen over night or in just a few months, but with this blog and me posting pictures constantly it will motivate me to do the work!

Another thing to add is that I tried using the Garcenia Cambogia drops for about 2 months. This was back in January...well they did the opposite thing for me. For one I gained weight while using them and I was working out and eating right. I never missed a dosage either. Then they are the reason my thyroid went to hell!! I was on a good track to begin with where I had lost a few pounds and was on a scheduled workout plan. I was doing great and then I allowed some fool to talk me into to using something I knew in my gut I shouldn't use!! I will never ever use any type of weight loss supplement again. The only supplements I use are a multi-vitamin designed for women over 40 and that are organic and made by a reputable manufacturer along with an omega 3, probiotic and rhodiola. These supplements are all made by Rainbow Light. The Rhodiola is suppose to help support adrenal balance. Which I need since my thyroid went berserk.

I will also document how well my thyroid is doing each month as well. I took a picture of myself the first day I got back on the lyvothyroxin. I took the picture to track any positive or negative changes my appearance becomes with the lyvothyroxin. When your thyroid becomes under active you get a blotchy appearance along with thinning hair and puffy eyes. My face has become puffier since my hypothyroidism. I am hoping that the regulating of my thyroid will relieve the puffiness and dark eye circles.

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