Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Roundup

So the last four days have been good and bad. The good part is that I was active, bad part is I ate too much and drank some beer and alcohol. I have to get into moderation instead of thinking that I will workout even harder the next day to counteract my bad judgement at the time. It just doesn't work that way. I know it doesn't and I need to become more strict with myself.

So the breakdown is as follows:

Thursday I was doing great at first but ended up drinking 3 bottles of Corona Lite. I did a bike ride at the last minute and it was so darn hot!! I hit the wall and was just dying by the time I made it home. I really didn't want to cook, but I did and then I enjoyed 3 beers. So I burned over 500 calories (probably more than this but without my fitbit I can't track all the walking around calories I burned) but then I consumed 2317 calories. 481 calories were from beverages alone.

Friday I ended up going out to eat with the husband. Man you don't realize how many calories are in the food at restaurants!! OMG it is crazy!! Plus I had a couple of margaritas and those bad boys are loaded with calories. We did do an hour and half of walking at Scheels. That is one huge store and I still don't think we covered the whole store.

Saturday's plans got so blown up!! Cynthia texted me at 6:30 in the morning wanting me to finish up entries that she had sent me at 10:30 pm the previous night! So instead of the bike ride I had planned for myself at 8 am I was working on her books at 7:45 am. Then I had to meet her at noon which made it way too hot to bike afterwards. I just chalked up the day as a active rest day.

Sunday made up for Saturday!! I did two separate bike rides! Man they were both tiring. The first one we biked from Deer Valley to PCMR which was 7.12 miles. The first part of the ride was all up hill on single tracks. It was so hard. But the end of the ride was all downhill on single tracks. We had to do a lot of stopping for late start bikers biking up but all and all it was a fun ride. The second one I thought would be an easy breezy rail trail bike ride. Well the husband decided that we should take the new underpass to the Round Valley Express trail. Good lord the last half of the bike ride was pretty much all up hill and not an easy 2% grade but some pretty major climbs. By the time we made it to the last 1/4 mile I had hit a wall from the heat and walked my bike the rest of the way. We got stuck waiting on traffic and I just didn't have the energy to start biking uphill from a complete stop!

Part of the Deer Valley Trail that was tough to bike up.

The easy grade of the Rail Trail near Promontory.

With all the biking I didn't have any time to eat because once we made it home we went back out looking for me some clipon shoes and new clipon pedals. So this afternoon will be filled with learning how to bike with clipons!!

Now the breakdown for the week of June 22 - June 28:

Total Calories Consumed:   13, 354
Total Calories Burned:       -14, 495
Differential:                           -1141

Definitely didn't hit my -3500 calories that I wanted as the differential. But this has really helped me see what I need to work on more and how I should fix these problems. I ate way more calories than I wanted for the week. I was showing a differential of -851 by Thursday morning and my bad eating and drinking is what busted my goal. So for 4 days I only burned an extra 290 calories. Wow what an eye opener!! I should have only consumed 11, 200. So a difference of 2154 which if I was to look back at all my entries will be the beer and cookies I ate through out the week. I also should have burned 15, 400 calories for the week. I came pretty darn close, I was only shy by 905 calories. Those calories could have been burned if I had worked out on Friday and Saturday like I had planned.

My conclusion is that the older I become the more vital it is to watch what I eat. Losing weight is going to be 80% diet and 20% fitness. Until Thursday!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Summary

So I have been logging all my food for the past 3 days. The good, the bad, and the ugly!! The breakdown comes down to these following charts. Monday was a day of rest so only calories burned were my normal BMR of 1650 calories. I over indulged because my daughter baked the yummiest cookies ever.

Tuesday was my day of working until 9:45 at night. I do a lot of pacing back and forth while working at night so I figured I burned about 200 calories. I am missing my fitbit really bad right now!! Surprisingly I remained under 1500 calories. I say surprisingly because when I got home the husband had ordered pizza and I had one slice. My taste buds wanted 2 but I limited it to just one and the smallest slice left.

Wednesday I went on a hike after work with my daughter. For the first time in years I actually jogged!! We jogged intervals the last half of our hike. It was on trails which I think made it easier for me. On a long asphalt trail I can see further and my mind begins calculating the distance and all the other awful things, but on a trail I have to concentrate on just the 2 feet in front of me the whole time. My recovery was quick as well. I was totally redfaced at the end and was getting the looks from everyone at the base of the resort, but I did something I haven't tried to do in years, I jogged and it felt great!!

I ate over 1700 calories which is 200 more than I want to eat each day, but I have to take in account that I just didn't have any good food in the house. My cupboards have been extremely bare this week. Grocery day is today, so hopefully next weeks eating will be better. I was completely vegan on Wednesday though.

Break down for the past 3 days:

Total calories eaten:     4903
BMR:                           4950
Total calories burned:   804
Total burned:               5754

Differential:                -851

My goal is to have a total differential for the week of -3500 so I can lose at least 1 pound. I have a lot of working out to do these next 4 days.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Figuring it all Out

Well trying to post daily is just too much for me. Also taking pictures of everything I eat is too much for me. I want the blog to be a positive tool instead of one that becomes tedious. Losing weight and becoming healthier is hard all by themselves, I can't let blogging about my journey become a chore and something that will derail my efforts. So I am still in the figuring it all out phase.

Bottom line is that I might have 2 days out of the entire week that aren't overwhelming.

Mondays might be easy to blog during the day, but after my main job I then have to go home and work a few hours on my other bookkeeping job plus the husband is home and becomes a distraction. So Mondays after work are not good days for blogging.

Tuesdays I work all three jobs so I am out of the house from 6:45 am until 9:45 pm. There just isn't any downtime during Tuesdays to post. So Tuesday blogging is off the table.

Wednesday is my best day for blogging during the day and evening. Thursday is a good day as well. Weekends are really out because I am pretty busy the entire time to blog. So I think my blogging days will be Monday with a catch up from the weekend and Thursday with a catch up from Monday - Wednesday with some goals lined up for the weekend.

I do want to post some pictures because I just like the looks of it, so I might still have some food and activity picture collages but no more breakdowns of each meal. I will still try and track all I eat and give a breakdown each Monday of calories in vs burned. But for the rest of June I am just going to focus on exercise and eating better. So no tracking of calories and plus my fitbit broke so unless I am using my biking app I can't really track accurate calories burned. Hopefully I will have a new fitbit by July 1st and can then track my calories more accurately.

For example: Saturday I only did 30 minutes on the treadclimber so it shows only 125 calories burned, but I know I burned more because of the non-tracked activities from the day. I know I walked up and down stairs at least 65 times that day not to mention the calories I burned sanding tables and chairs to be stained. So it was an active day but no organized workout. Then on Sunday I hiked for 6 hours. An online calculator said I burned 2500 calories while the sparkpeople activity tracker said I burned 3330 calories. So without my fitbit I just cannot tell what is accurate for my calories burned.

On a brighter note, I did lose 3 pounds last week. I started off at 179 and this morning it showed 176. Now I did get down to 174.5 by Saturday, but by Monday the scale was reading 176. It would have been awesome to have been 174 by today, but  I will take the 3 pounds. I was shooting for 2 pounds a week and to have lost an extra pound is terrific.

Today will be a rest day for me because the hike really took everything out of me. We ran out of water half-way into the hike so dehydration really kicked in and my body is still recovering from it today. Tuesday will only be active from cashiering at Michael's for 4 hours, but Wednesday I will begin my biking after work again. So I am working out actively 5 days a week but they have been straight days which means no breaks in between. I think the Monday rest and Tuesday active rest days are going to work for me. I will pick one day a week to be a very active day but not over do it like I did Sunday ever again. That was just brutal.

I will blog again on Thursday and begin the true format of how I want my blog to go. Until then I will keep my eating under control and stay active!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18th


1 slice of 12 grain toast w/ egg salad and butter
1 small apple
3 cups of chai tea sweetened with stevia in the raw

I was planning on eating 2 slices of the egg salad toast but I just could not eat the second one. The bread has a strong yeast flavor to it or wheat. I don't know but I think I will be throwing out the rest of this bread. Plus I should have kept the egg as just a hard boiled egg. The mayo, mustard and pickles just isn't something I prefer in the morning. The apple was very tasty!!

Mid-morning Snack:

1 serving of Oikos Greek Yogurt w/ blueberries on bottom
1 serving of Snapple Lemon Ice Tea


Baby spinach w/ tuna fish salad
1 serving of Snapple Lemon Ice Tea

Very tasty lunch and filling! I love the dole salad kits and this one is the baby spinach with blue cheese crumble, slivered almonds, dried cherries and a white balsamic vinaigrette!

I was going to have a tuna fish salad sandwich with my salad, but I had to toss the bread. I am still having an awful after taste from it. I think the wheat was fermenting.

My Thoughts for Today:

I am succeeding in having protein at every meal today. I am trying to up my protein intake to about 100 g per day. Just have to keep my carbs under 250 g per day and I think this might be the winning combination for me.

I felt pretty rested this morning, but I am starting to get the afternoon slumps. I do have a red bull to give me energy for my bike ride after work. Yesterday I had to drink some JackD 3D in order to have energy to go on a bike ride. I don't like having to take these energy drinks, but I seem to need them everyday.

Afternoon Pick me up:

1 can of Red Bull Yellow

After work bike ride complete:

I hit my 500 calories burn goal for today!! It was scorching hot as you can see at the top of my stats pic. 91 degrees and no shade through out my entire ride!! I did take a break at the soccer fields and ate a protein bar. I had to detour off the rail trail due to the city spraying the weeds along the trail. I carried my bike up the public stairs but stopped at our courtyard gate. Thought I could just go in through the gate, but the gate wire is broken so had to leave bike and walk the rest of the way up the stairs and then back down 2 flights of stairs to grab my bike!! I was so out of breath by the end of this bike ride. I know it is the heat but it is only going to become hotter so I have to acclimate!

Mid-afternoon Snack:

1 Almond chewy nature valley protein bar

Bacon Cheeseburger & 2 Miller Lites

So I ended up drinking 2 beers today. My day was still very active and busy.

End of the day stats:

Calories Eaten:  1687
Calories burned: 539
Net Calories:      1148

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17th


I ate 2 pieces of 12 grain bread toast with butter and apple butter jam
Drank a Yellow Red Bull and 3 cups of chai tea with no milk sweetened with stevia in the raw

Mid-Morning Snack:

Oikos Greek yogurt with blueberries on the bottom


Golden yam microwaved with salt
Green Giant steamed veggies

Not the best tasting lunch...
I over cooked my potato but it was filling
My Venting my feelings section:

Well, I am feeling disappointed in my ability to lose weight and my need for sleep in the mornings are making my breakfast decisions questionable. I really have to get in control of my eating habits better. My energy level after lunch is feeling pretty good. I feel as if I will have the energy to go on an hour long bike ride after work.

Speaking of biking, I need to set up 3 days of organized strength and cardio work outs again. I have been lacking on the work outs this past week.

Did a bike ride today after work. It was very hot and I only stuck with the rail trail and double tracks at round valley.

The sun was beating down and there was not shade at all.

Screen shot of my stats. Not too shabby for a quick after work bike ride. Wanted to do 10 miles, but missed the turn I needed to take and it ended up shortening my ride.

Mid-Afternoon Snack:

1 oz of Planters mixed nuts


Stir fry pork and vegetables w/ 1 cup of white rice

It is now 6:30 in the evening and I have eaten all the meals I allotted myself. I am hoping that if I stay busy I won't eat anything else.

End of the day totals:

Calories eaten:  1587
Calories burned: 477
Net Calories:    1110

And it Begins

I have decided to make a private blog that maybe I will make public. I feel as if I need to posts pictures and statuses for myself. I have found that writing it down on paper doesn't work for me, but typing and adding pictures does.

My goal with this private blog is to post what I have eaten along with pictures as well as activity pictures. I will have a beginning picture of how I look and will monthly posts new pictures. I will vent all of my frustrations along with my wins.

So to sum up what I have been struggling with of late is I have been trying to lose 50 pounds for the past 15 years. I keep losing the same 10 pounds every year. I know that this is not a healthy cycle and I need to not gain back those 10 pounds again this year! Last year on June 12th I had knee surgery that made me gain 10 pounds of top of the 10 pounds I gain back every year. So now I am in the need to lose 50 pounds compared to 40 all those other years. Plus on top of the knee surgery my thyroid is under active again! I had stopped taking the thyroid meds once my prescription ran out last June (at the same time I had surgery). Well, now it is really off and I am currently at 50 mcg but I think it will need to be upped again next month.

This is my last option and I have to lose these extra pounds and become healthier or I just know my body will begin breaking down to the point I will be subjected to many medications. I want to stop this in its tracks now. I am 44 and by the time I turn 50 I want my health to be top notch. I know it won't happen over night or in just a few months, but with this blog and me posting pictures constantly it will motivate me to do the work!

Another thing to add is that I tried using the Garcenia Cambogia drops for about 2 months. This was back in January...well they did the opposite thing for me. For one I gained weight while using them and I was working out and eating right. I never missed a dosage either. Then they are the reason my thyroid went to hell!! I was on a good track to begin with where I had lost a few pounds and was on a scheduled workout plan. I was doing great and then I allowed some fool to talk me into to using something I knew in my gut I shouldn't use!! I will never ever use any type of weight loss supplement again. The only supplements I use are a multi-vitamin designed for women over 40 and that are organic and made by a reputable manufacturer along with an omega 3, probiotic and rhodiola. These supplements are all made by Rainbow Light. The Rhodiola is suppose to help support adrenal balance. Which I need since my thyroid went berserk.

I will also document how well my thyroid is doing each month as well. I took a picture of myself the first day I got back on the lyvothyroxin. I took the picture to track any positive or negative changes my appearance becomes with the lyvothyroxin. When your thyroid becomes under active you get a blotchy appearance along with thinning hair and puffy eyes. My face has become puffier since my hypothyroidism. I am hoping that the regulating of my thyroid will relieve the puffiness and dark eye circles.